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We are a team of International Security Professionals with decades of experience in crime scene investigations. We have investigated thousands of crimes, checked thousands of crime scenes for evidence and have made thousands of arrests. We pride ourselves as experienced security consultants with a real understanding of how crime is committed and who commits them. All our expertise and resources are geared towards problems caused by people. We have lie detectors and profilers on our team.

We have a long term relationship with our clients and we take security and safety seriously.  We assign a dedicated team of security professionals to each client and the same team looks after the needs of the client for the duration of the contract. We are different because we have a Geo-specific experienced person on the scene,  who can handle any and all the consulting needs of the client immediately. Our vision is to have a happy and safe client who has confidence and belief in our services.

William Nathan is the founder and CEO of the company. He is a retired Police Officer from New Jersey and a former U.S. Marine. He is also a licensed and armed Private Investigator and owns a Private Detective Agency in New Jersey.


SC4ASIA is an international security consulting company (non-IT), who use both foreign and local experts from various fields for assessment. The group operates in a way to quickly mitigate threats and solve the main issue related to safety and security. They do their best to deter and delay crime. The consultant’s will give a written report to improve the security and safety, and work hard to solve issues important to the client. The company is not affiliated with any manufacturer or vendors. They do not sell or install equipment.

Mr. Nathan is an expert profiler, specializing in reading and assessing the targeted individual’s intention, whether the person is a threat or not a threat and much more. This is a potential life-saving skill to thwart terrorism and other threats to businesses and to investigate corporate espionage and frauds. He is a licensed and armed private investigator in the State of New Jersey, S.O.R.A. certified security guard trainer by the New Jersey State Police, and instructor for Emergency dispatchers and guard patrols. He is the owner and operator of a licensed and bonded private detective agency, located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey; Owner and Chief Consultant of “SC4ASIA LLC with Global Operations in India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh and China. His behavior recognition skill transforms the safety and security of a corporation to the highest level. He can make all his skills and his experiences available to clients.

  • We contract with local and state police for interpretation services
  • Security Guard Training
  • Security Management Training
  • Kidnapping and Counter Terrorism
  • Weapons training
  • Video, CCTV, Access Control
  • Detection methods & Surveillance
  • Physical Security
  • Intelligence and Profiling
  • Background checks and vetting
  • VIP Protection

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